Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.

Our Values

Susan1My husband died unexpectedly in the fall of 2009, shortly after our 24th wedding anniversary. This began my journey of seeking the Lord and what he would have for my life.

As I began working through my grief in the fall/winter of 2009, I spent much time in prayer and in January 2010 I began to start writing my prayers. Handwriting was a slow, tedious process for me as I type so much faster than I can write. I began to sit in the evenings, put on my praise and worship music, and turn my thoughts to the Lord and would begin to type my prayers to Him. This became a very special time and as the days and weeks moved on, I began to see that some of the words or phrases that I wrote were not ones that I would normally use. I felt that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through my written words and I looked forward to the time that I spent with the Father as I wrote in my prayer journal.

That spring began some twists and turns in my life, and I fell away from my typed prayers, but in January 2012 I felt the Lord’s leading me back into spending more prayer time with Him. I changed my time of prayer to the morning before I began my day, and it was during one of these times that the Lord brought to mind the concept of this website.

My time that morning was devoted to something completely different, but during my journaling time came the thought of using pretty “paper” to type my prayers. I set it aside and tried to again go back to what I thought that I wanted to pray about, but other thoughts of the website kept coming to me so I began to type what the Lord brought to mind. My creativity is very limited and I know that the Lord has been the designer of what you now see, and I give him the honor and the glory for this creation.

Make time to be quiet in His presence and wait on Him. The quiet time that I spend with the Lord in my prayer journal compels me to be still and to listen for Him. Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act… – Ps. 37:7

May the Lord bless you as you begin your journey communing with Him.

In His Love,