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We’re all on our own journey with its twists and turns, so why journal? And why a prayer journal?

I found a typewritten letter to God that I wrote back in 1986. I thought that my journal started in 2009, but it seems that I had the journaling “bug” back then. I type so much faster than I can write that it just frustrates me to try to hand write anything. I drifted back into journaling in 2009 after my husband died unexpectedly. While sorting through my grief and beginning to move forward in my life, I began to write a diary of what I was going through. That diary eventually turned into a prayer journal as well where I expressed what I was going through to my heavenly Father.

That was a special time for me. The evenings are lonely – as anyone who has lost a spouse will tell you – so I would put on my favorite praise and worship music, close my eyes and just type to the Lord. As the months passed there were times when I would look back at what I’d written and realize that the words that I used at times weren’t words that were typically “mine.” How precious to have the Holy Spirit with me as I began to journal.

I hope that you’ll share with me your journaling journey. In the days – and posts – to come I’ll share more about this very special journey. Won’t you join me?

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