1. Susan Schmidt

    Let Me Carry You


    Picture yourself as we walk along. We are beside the water and you are tired from this journey. I pick you up and carry you in my arms. For I am strong and mighty and I comfort my children when they need comforting. I carry you gently and wipe your tears. Hear the waves as they continually come to the shore. The birds play in the surf and the wind caresses your face. As easily as I carry you, I carry your burdens and your dreams. Rest against Me as I walk along.

    Do not look behind you for that journey is past. The waves erase your footsteps. As these steps are erased, this shows you that you cannot go back and try to retrace them for that time is now gone.

    You look ahead of us down the shoreline and you cannot see the end. This is the path ahead of you and while you cannot see the end, I see each step of the journey ahead of you. Rest for a while as I carry you. Lay against Me and know that I am the Lord God of all and that nothing is impossible with Me.

    For as I created the oceans and set their boundaries, so I also know the details of your life. My child, My arms are strong and I will not drop you or let you fall. Rest in Me and let Me carry you now. Don’t let your hope dissipate nor your hope be crushed. For I am the God of hope and as I lift You, I lift up your spirit.

    You will soon laugh and rejoice with Me as we walk along the sand tog

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